Australian Antarctic Division Living Quarters

Davis Station, Antarctica

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“Allen Jack+Cottier’s project serves to remind us that architects are skilled at finding solutions for problems that account for environmental context, human behaviour, construction methods and aesthetics.” – Peter Raisbeck, Architecture Australia, May/June 2004

The requirement In designing new living quarters for the Australian Antarctic Division at Davis Station, the challenge was to overcome a harsh, unforgiving climate. The outcome needed to provide flexible living spaces for up to 130 staff, while also being environmentally sustainable, cost-effective, transportable and simple to build.

The considerations AJ+C studied and analysed the performance of designs for similar environmental extremes. These included a space shuttle, a submarine and an igloo.

The solution AJ+C’s resulting design is both cost- and energy-efficient, providing the emergency response and environmental integration demanded by the Antarctic. It incorporates flexible living spaces with areas staff can close off in periods of low occupancy. It also allows for indoor recreation, with a lounge, bar, library, museum and theatre for staff.

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