Brian Mariotti

Brian Mariotti



Over 15 years of practice between the UK, the Netherlands and in Australia, Brian has developed compeition-winning designs, excellent industry networks and a portfolio of award-winning projects in the commercial and residential sectors.

As director in our practice, Brian is pivotal in the formation of concepts, and developing schemes for design competitions and award-winning projects. He does this in close collaboration with our discipline teams to cultivate a diversity of ideas and draw upon AJ+C’s broad knowledge base. He achieves highly successful outcomes through excellent communication skills, design ability and working relationships and liaison with authorities, design review panels and consultants.

Brian is currently providing master planning and architectural design for the new build and refurbishment of a number of student housing and residential facilities in Sydney and across Australia.

Some of the highlights of his career include working on notable competition-winning buildings including Parra-matta Gateway South (AJ+C 2014-), Manchester Civil Justice Centre (DCM, 2006) and the Sydney Olympic Village (PTW, 1998).



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