Crowne Plaza Hotel

Taiping Lake, An Hui, China

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A synthesis of local heritage and energy-saving technology creates a unique five-star resort for Intercontinental Hotel Group.

Local luxury Situated on Taiping Lake in East China’s An Hui province – home of several UNESCO-approved sites – Crowne Plaza Hotel is designed to be sensitive to its environment. Using local stone and timber, and built to match the exquisite character of Anhui buildings, the hotel reflects its surroundings.

A new ecological approach Working with energy consultant Squire Mech, the design team created a plan to minimise the hotel’s environmental impact. Taiping Lake is not only the heart of this development, it also presents the opportunity to implement geothermal technology and reduce carbon fuel consumption. It also provides a secondary source of energy and, because it is warm in winter and cool in summer, can be harnessed for air conditioning.

A new standard This ESD approach has taken environmentally sustainable practice to a new level in China.

  • Date
  • Client
    Starwaly Properties Group
  • Cost
    A$200 million
  • GFA
    40,000 m²

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