Fairfield Youth and Community Centre

Fairfield Park, NSW, Australia

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The $8.5 million Fairfield Youth and Community Centre officially opened in October 2015 and consists of a 3,000sqm facility containing a large hall with basketball courts, trampolines, a rock climbing wall, program rooms and additional parking spaces.

A recreation space for the local community This is a simple building in a park context that adds amenity to the park and provides much-needed recreation space for the local community, particularly local youth. It was designed to be just one of a series of components within an established recreational precinct, not just a building in isolation. As such, it is well integrated into the landscape and responds to the Leisure Centre opposite. It contributes positively to the amenity of the park and provides flexible, practical and useful space for kids to develop and grow.

A robust and environmentally friendly design The architecture is simple and geometric – the form of the building reads as a collection of long dark boxes with a large white volume floating above. There is a practical robustness about the design which is a reflection of the construction budget and the practicalities of its purpose. Environmentally, the design of the building expresses intelligent, common-sense decisions such as lightweight and light-colour roofing and cladding, provision for natural cross-ventilation under all weather conditions, and a ‘green’ screen protecting it from the western sun. Internally, articulation of the ceiling provides a celebration of diffused natural day-lighting and ventilation in the form of elegant curved truss-cladding elements which reflect daylight and also act as wind baffles to direct prevailing breezes downward.

Fairfield Youth and Community Centre Opening

  • Date
  • Client
    Fairfield City Council
  • Site
    56 197 m²
  • GFA
    2 088 m²

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