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Hillcrest Village Stage One (interior)

Stanwell Park, NSW, Australia

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Hillcrest Village is an expression of a new kind of aged care architecture – beautiful, relaxed, in keeping with its environment.

At home in the Illawarra The style of Hillcrest Village echoes the light, beachside feel of the Illawarra’s picturesque miners’ cottages and timber holiday houses. Lush landscaping, in keeping with the coastal vegetation of the area, has been carefully designed to conserve Stanwell Park’s many important trees.

In tune with the site Topography, landscape, streetscape and environmental conditions have driven Hillcrest Village’s design. Internal layouts and street plans have been arranged to maximise cross-ventilation, solar access, private open space and coastal views.

Connection to surroundings Working with the slope of the land, the two-storey dwellings provide direct access to upper levels from the ground. A continuous path connects Hillcrest Village with its neighbourhood, linking each of the residences by pedestrian access to Railway Crescent and routes to the beach, encouraging an outdoor, active lifestyle.

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  • client
    United Protestant Association of NSW Ltd (Sydney South)
  • 1 bed SOUs
    10 apartments
  • 2 bed SOUs
    20 (2 semi-detached, 18 apartments)

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