• PCYC Walgett Sports Centre view from the street
  • PCYC Walgett Sports Centre internal view of the new sports hall

PCYC Walgett

Walgett, NSW, Australia

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A response to the surrounding environment.

Allen Jack+Cottier’s design of the sports complex in rural Walgett is a thoughtful response to conditions and the location of the project.

The design ideas of this cost-effective, low maintenance and easy to build complex is being developed into a prototype for replication across the country in locations with similar constraints.

The core function of the hall is for sports activities, with a range of spaces for additional education activities. The simplicity of the design intent results in a self-sufficient and flexible space.

A single tilted roof with flexible distribution underneath contributes to its cost-effectiveness. The internal space is divided into 2 main parts which are defined by the ceiling height allowance.

Designed to add security, solar and visual accessibility benefits.

The highest ceiling area is dedicated to the sports courts and the lower ceiling areas, facing the street, includes the entry lobby, meeting rooms, youth hub and changing rooms. The building offers a glazed facade facing the street which becomes increasingly solid towards the sides and fully solid in the rear of the building. This contributes to the security benefits, solar gains and visual accessibility from the street.

  • Date
  • Client
  • GFA
    2,000 m2
  • Value
    $4.2 M

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