Press Release: AJ+C wins competition to design Community Clubhouse in new landmark development

Press Release: AJ+C wins competition to design Community Clubhouse in new landmark development


Allen Jack+Cottier (AJ+C) has beaten three prominent architectural firms to win the design competition for a Community Clubhouse in the new Township of Googong.

Googong is a $1.6 billion CIC Australia development located on a 780 hectare site just 16km south-east of Parliament House in Canberra. This new, totally self-contained township is set to establish the benchmark for urban development and community creation.

The Googong community will consist of five connected neighbourhoods with a variety of housing styles, parklands and community facilities. The Neighbourhood 1A Community Clubhouse is the first of these community facilities to be designed and built.

“CIC Australia had a vision for this building to become the hub of this new neighbourhood in Googong, to be an integral part of establishing a community on a green-field site. This vision was foremost in our mind as we embarked on the design process,” says Project Director Jane Johnson. “The site itself was the other primary design cue. Our competition scheme grew out of both the natural landscape – a predominantly horizontal field with gentle undulations; and proposed built landscape – characterised by a network of intersecting boulevards and open spaces.”

CIC Australia were impressed with AJ+C’s enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of the site. “[CIC] selected the concept that best captured the essence of the original brief and vision for Googong” explains Lindsay Hunter, Project Manager, CIC Australia. “[AJ+C] is the most capable architectural firm to work in collaboration with us to achieve the desired outcome.”

AJ+C’s competition scheme was a building which featured a simple, predominantly horizontal roof-line and a floor plan which takes advantage of panoramic views. The key to this truly sustainable building is to ‘do more with less’ incorporating sound passive solar design principles. Once these fundamentals are in place, the active sustainable building components added to the base building are then working to their optimum capacity.

Jane and project architect Lilian Tan are currently embarking on a new concept design, now that the brief and site constraints have been reconfirmed.