Design approach

Design that is creative, sustainable and innovative in artistic, conceptual, technical and economic terms.

As a collective of architects, designers and urban thinkers, we follow innovation and ideas, without rushing into architectural forms, or following a ‘house style’. Sustainability is core to everything we do.

Our collaborative studio approach gives voice to the client’s vision and our own diverse skillsets in the studio to help assess a project’s potential from every angle. We reject the rush to singular architectural forms, instead exploring all the options for optimal performance, function and identity.

Design is an iterative process, it requires a structured approach. We start with a deep dive into the brief, engaging clients, stakeholders and communities to discover and distil the project essence, and identify issues and opportunities. The combination of conditions, regulatory codes, budget and brief are the mould from which we fashion a meaningful response to the site, setting and project vision.

Project teams then hold regular stage reviews to benchmark their research, analysis and designs against project goals and vision. We workshop these designs with clients, stakeholders and studio specialists to ensure at all stages, the best possibilities are canvassed.

To engage clients and stakeholders with design concepts we use the latest technologies such as Virtual Reality, 3D printing and imaging, and interactive animation to offer virtual walkthroughs of unbuilt spaces.