Construction Begins on Watagan Park Town Centre in Lake Macquarie

Watagan Park Town Centre is set to become the cultural and economic hub of a burgeoning suburb, nestled between the Watagan Mountains and Lake Macquarie, with approximately 3,500 dwellings.

AJC has masterplanned the town centre and surrounding medium-density development, delivering a planning proposal and development applications for the Town Centre and the first apartment development for Johnson Property Group.

The Town Centre features a full-line supermarket (3,660m²), a mini-major and 20 specialty shops, and a 1st-floor medical centre (670m²). Future developments include a 6-storey apartment building and commercial sleeving development.

The masterplan co-locates a north-west facing town square and dining precinct with the town park to create a civic space at the heart of the community. An east-west pedestrian link interconnects the town park and square on the west with the community centre, playing fields, and school on the east. This is intersected by a north-south pedestrian link which bisects the site, and the crossing pedestrian links reference the crossing runways of the original Cooranbong airfield.

Locating the Stage 1 retail on the western half of the site, enclosing and activating the town square, results in a consolidated, convenient customer parking area on the eastern half, with perimeter sites for future commercial sleeving development.

Stage 2 includes a 6-storey apartment building along the western frontage, overlooking the town park and square, and sleeving the retail centre. The apartment building, colonnade of the 2-storey retail centre, and restaurant pod build enclose and provide an urban scale to the town square.

Site area: 2.7ha
GLA: 6,700m² (Stage 1)
Carspaces: 309