Opening of the Hudson Library, Meriden

Opening of the Hudson Library, Meriden


This month our team joined principal, Dr Julie Greenhalgh at the opening of the Hudson Library, Meriden.

AJ+C were engaged by Meriden school to convert the existing library space into a new learning precinct for the senior school. Our Design approach was to create a decentralized space, with more agility, connectivity and flexibility for the students and staff.

The space includes 5 history classrooms, a central learning commons, reference library, senior girls group and quiet study area, and a staffroom and utility area. As a part of this process we had to address issues of accessibility to the Senior girls quiet study space and library which is on a lowered floor level. Key aims for new the works emanating from the design include maximising flexibility, multifunctional spaces, natural light, interconnectivity and transparency between spaces all of which allows students to engage with one another and have access to resources as needed.

The aim of this design was to transform the existing operations of a typical library into a collaborative and flexible teaching and learning space. Our design aimed to combine the learning spaces in such a way as to create flexible teaching and learning spaces that could be used for individual study, classroom teaching spaces that function as typical classrooms when required but that could also be opened up to the learning commons for easy accessibility between the spaces for collaborative work. The resource learning space means that the resources are immediately on hand and available within the faculty space which can also be accessed by the student after hours.

For more information on this project please contact Rae Gallagher

Photo: Innes Wilson, Scott Norton, Katie Barnes, Michele Edens, Dr Julie Greenhalgh, Mark Louw