Registered Architect 6069 (NSW)
B Sc (Arch), University of NSW

Jim Koopman

Studio Director

Enormous changes to urban mobility are coming, and with them come great opportunities for re-thinking our cities.

As Studio Director for architecture, Jim leads master planning and urban renewal of significant sites including the Bushells Factory at Concord in Sydney’s Inner West, the Eveleigh Railway yards, and Central Coast Leagues Club and stadium precinct in Gosford.

He shares his expertise as a panel member for Bayside Council’s Design Review Panel, and Northern Beaches Council’s Design and Sustainability Panel – assessing development proposals for design excellence.

Jim was co-founder of the URBANBACKYARD research project which continues to inform his approach to high-density living. This research asked the question ‘What would it take for families to choose apartment living closer to work, releasing pressure on urban sprawl’.

Inspired by the book, Landscapes of our Hearts (Matthew Colloff) Jim is leading AJC’s Reconciliation Action Plan in raising awareness of Indigenous knowledge systems, with a goal of fostering greater design connections to or landscape.