Nichole Downey

People & Culture Lead

It is the knowledge and expertise of our people which helps us to do this; our commitment to recruiting and nurturing great talent is what has made us successful since 1965. Through collaborative practice, continual learning and challenging our preconceptions, together, we deliver outstanding projects.

As People and Culture Lead, Nicole brings experience from her tenure across Australia, China, the UK, and her native Canada.

With a focus on international business, she champions diverse team support, training and development, quality assurance, and day-to-day HR management. Talent acquisition stands as a cornerstone of her expertise, boasting a proven track record in sourcing talent across all studios and disciplines. Nicole is dedicated to enriching company culture through strategic hiring, emphasizing cultural fit over mere qualification.

She relishes the challenges and rewards of working within culturally diverse teams, actively fostering inclusion and equity through learning, development, and staff engagement efforts. Her managerial acumen spans various industries, instilling confidence in her ability to support staff at all levels while advancing strategic goals.