Zarina Weston

Marketing and Bids Lead

My approach is simple: understand the audience, craft compelling narratives, and deliver impactful campaigns. With every project, my goal is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, leaving a lasting impression on both clients and consumers alike.

As Marketing and Bids Lead, Zarina Weston brings a wealth of experience as a highly skilled Marketing and Communication Professional. With over 16 years of expertise spanning diverse industries, from museums and tourism to health and finance, Zarina is adept at developing and executing successful short and long-term marketing campaigns.

Her extensive knowledge stems from five years of immersive study in business, consumer psychology, and marketing, providing her with a deep understanding of customer-centric approaches and effective marketing strategies.

In her role at AJC, Zarina oversees brand management, driving awareness and shaping marketing strategy. Providing direction to her team, she navigates digital marketing communications and analyses customer behaviours to inform strategy. Leading efforts in branding, she guides the development of collateral and explores new engagement opportunities.

In business development, Zarina offers invaluable counsel to the Leadership team, cultivating client relationships and managing the pipeline process. Additionally, she provides leadership in film and photography, maintains marketing material, and oversees website and social media content, ensuring a dynamic and engaging online presence