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Scape Student Housing DS2 (interiors)

Haymarket,Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Darling Harbour Live initiative breathes new life into Sydney’s most renowned precinct, creating a world-leading hub for living, meeting and entertainment. The revitalisation will see significant upgrading of the area’s exhibition, convention and entertainment centres, as well as construction of a new residential, commercial and cultural precinct in The Haymarket.

The 22-storey development provides over 1200 student beds and resident facilities as part of one integrated facility, linked by a bridge at Level 1. Scape places high importance on the providing optimal and unique amenity for the residents, and this development has achieved benchmark status in this regard. The amenities include a full level catering and dining offering, gym, indoor and outdoor cinema, collaborative study spaces, lounges, and roof terrace.

Shared common facilities for students are located to the centre of the plan up through the building, and expressed on the façade as articulated elements. Internally double height lounges, kitchenettes and collaborative study spaces establish active and social neighbourhoods.

The buildings were conceived as being part of the ‘city wall’ of the new precinct, located on Darling Drive between the Pier Street flyover to the north and Macarthur and Hay Streets to the south. To the west is the light rail corridor and Powerhouse Museum. To the south of the site, The Goods Line provides a highly active linear park which connects the site to UTS, Sydney TAFE and Central Station.

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