Urbanest Student Housing DS2

Haymarket,Sydney, NSW, Australia

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“City wall” of the new precinct. The two buildings were conceived as a pair with a shared architectural language and form part of the “city wall” of the new precinct. The design of the western elevation facing Ultimo maintains a thick wall expression and forms a strong edge to the new precinct. The façade has deep set openings like the robust masonry forms of the Powerhouse Museum and old wool stores in the district.

The eastern and northern side of Darling House (Building 2) facing the new precinct and harbor beyond uses glazing and faceted metal panels to create a rippling effect and undulations to create a light shimmering effect alluding to sunlight reflecting off the harbour. Whilst standing as a pair, Darling House has a taller and more open expression to the north east as a gesture to the city and harbour, unconstrained by neighbouring buildings.

Communal spaces are located on the lower two floors along Darling Drive behind full height glazing and a colonnade of double height “V” shaped columns, supporting the residential floors above. This provide continuity from the first building and reinforces a legible and activated “street wall” to the base. A balcony serving the Level 1 dining facility again creates an articulated gesture to the north east and brings a pedestrian scale to the corner.

These buildings provide a striking and relevant transitionary presence between the established historic Ultimo precinct and the new urban development of Darling Square.

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