WAFChina AWARDS This year Michael Heenan will be judging his 11th WAF Awards and the inaugural WAFChina Awards. . Michael will work remotely in pairs with Maria João Correia from Segmento Urbano Arquitectos and Ada Yvars Bravo from Mangera Yvars Architect to review seven or eight entries on 17, 19 November. They will be asked to pick the two best entries in terms of their all-round architectural, interior design or landscape architecture excellence. Each jury will see a variety of category entries; this is not category judging. . The entries have all been submitted to WAF/INSIDE in the normal way. However, any entries related to sites in China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan are also eligible to win one of these new awards. The architects will present in English to the usual WAF format, 10 minutes of presentation followed by nine minutes of questions and comments, and one minute for changeover. The live award ceremony will take place on 1 December, in Chengdu. . Good luck to all the entrants. . @segmento_arquitectos @myaa_architects @worldarchfest . . . . #WAFchina #WAFvirtual #architectsajc #WAF2021 #WAFVirtual #architecture #design #awards #festival #newsletter