• aerial Masterplan of Yimin

Yimin River Town

Yimin, Inner Mongolia, China

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Yimin, a new city planned for a 10.7-hectare site in Inner Mongolia, will become an ecologically-driven home to 100,000 people from twelve ethnic groups in the area – most of them historically nomadic peoples with a strong affinity with the natural environment. The planning critically involved a local planning department representing the Ewenki people, who traditionally lived a nomadic life in the area.

For far too long the approach to urbanisation has absorbed settlements in China and extended into natural areas, thus damaging the ecology and fabric of local cultures. Yimin’s town centre will be symbolically located at the junction of two rivers, and its system of roads, walkways and waterways is designed to act as a series of corridors for people and wildlife, as well as ‘green’ connectors linking the living, working, administration and recreation buildings.

The masterplan includes public plazas, administrative buildings, recreational and retail spaces, open spaces, and four to six-storey apartment buildings. Some of the public buildings refer to the traditional ‘yurt’ building form of the region, using a circular or hexagonal floorplan with a roof sloping inwards to a central point, traditionally occupied by a fireplace.

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