Our story

From humble beginnings to a powerhouse practice, AJC has been thinking about, and shaping modern Sydney in both subtle and profound ways for decades.

AJC has been instrumental in helping shape the growth of Sydney both as a consultant to planning authorities, and through its own exemplar projects, setting benchmarks for livability and urban density done well. We’ve earned scores of awards locally and internationally, but more importantly, we’re proud to say our work has changed the way people live, learn, work and play, with buildings and precincts perfectly tuned to their purpose and place.

Originally formed in 1965 with the partnership of friends John Allen, Russell Jack and Keith Cottier, the Sydney studio (then named Allen Jack+Cottier) became synonymous with creative, spatially inspiring spaces and places. True to that legacy, today AJC works across even more sectors and scales, from education and commercial projects, to luxury and affordable residential developments, and master planning for urban growth and renewal.  

Some projects are heroic, while others touch lightly to retain our heritage buildings, while bringing them forward in time. What links all our projects is a pursuit of excellence and innovation in creative, sustainable and artistic terms. A crafting of design that is both architecturally rigorous and environmentally responsible. This is the cornerstone of all our efforts, and the start of every great project’s conversation.    

(Left to right) John Allen, Keith Cottier, Reg Smith, Peter Stronach, Ray Brockwell, John Porter and Glynn Evans in the Allen Jack + Cottier office, 6A Liverpool Street, Paddington, 1977.
Inside the Allen Jack+Cottier office, Liverpool Street, Paddington, 1977. From left: John Allen, Keith Cottier, Reg Smith, Peter Stronach, Ray Brockwell, John Porter and Glynn Evans.