Abbotsleigh Senior Studies Centre

The existing three-story building has undergone a transformation, which involved infilling outdoor areas and balconies, refurbishing existing classrooms, and upgrading the fa├žade.

User group sessions were conducted to understand the building’s requirements, with a focus on the curriculum changes in TAS (Technology and Applied Studies), transitioning from analogue to digital outputs, and the need for flexible spaces that accommodate various teaching styles.

On the ground floor, the maker spaces, including metalwork, laser printing, woodwork, and textiles areas, have been refreshed. The existing breakout space has been transformed with the addition of a new staircase that brings in natural light, along with large interactive digital screens for students to present their work and collaborate.

The first floor involved infilling the court entry and the large balcony space to expand the teaching area. Internal walls have been demolished to create a more open space. Operable walls have been installed, allowing the innovation space to be used as a large collaborative area or closed off for smaller lab spaces. The dynamic interior design scheme draws inspiration from prismatic glass, incorporating triangles and angles through an integrated ceiling and lighting design. Colourful furniture selection adds vibrancy to the space.

The top floor consists of several retained math classrooms. Glass has been added to the internal facade between the classrooms and corridors, bringing in natural light. Upgrades to the building services and lighting have created a comfortable learning environment for students. Technology has also been modernised to support contemporary teaching methods.

Project Facts


Wahroonga, NSW


Abbotsleigh School


Architecture, Interior Design