AJC Architects Announces Construction of New Loreto Normanhurst Boarding School

AJC Architects is excited to announce the commencement of construction on the new Loreto Normanhurst Boarding School. This state-of-the-art facility will provide accommodation for 216 boarding students from Year 7 to 12, featuring a variety of room configurations to cater to different age groups and needs.

The new Boarding School will include 6-bed dormitories for younger boarders, as well as 2-bed and single rooms for senior students. Each room will offer generous, secure storage, ensuring students have ample space for their belongings. The shared bathroom facilities will be modern, plentiful, and designed with the students’ comfort in mind.

AJC’s vision for this new boarding facility is to create a vibrant, safe, and student-centered living environment. The design incorporates a wide variety of spaces to support the rhythms of student life, providing areas to socialise, study, meet, or retreat. At the heart of these communal spaces is a large dining room, capable of serving all boarders in one sitting and providing canteen facilities for all students.

Situated on a steep escarpment, the design of the Boarding School takes advantage of the terraced level changes to create privacy, security and maximise views to the oval and bush beyond. This approach not only defines space but also helps reduce the building’s scale as it steps down the hillside, weaving around existing trees to maintain the natural beauty of the site.

The construction of the new Loreto Normanhurst Boarding School marks a significant milestone in AJC Architects’ commitment to creating innovative and sustainable educational environments.

“As we boldly look to the future, we know that what has been right for boarding for the last 125 years, may not be for the next 125 years. Our new state-of-the-art Boarding School has been designed with the needs of current and future Loreto Normanhurst boarders in mind and ensures we can continue  our mission to shape women for our times,” Marina Ugonotti, Loreto Normanhurst Principal.



We are dedicated to delivering a facility that meets the highest standards of design and functionality, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for all students.

Dua Green, AJC Director.