Loreto Normanhurst Boarding School

Loreto Normanhurst is a leading Sydney independent, Catholic day and boarding school for girls from Years 5-12.

The vision for this new boarding facility is to create a lively, safe, student living environment by providing a wide variety of spaces that set the stage for the rhythms of student life, places to socialise, study, meet or retreat.

At the heart of these communal spaces is the large dining room, able to serve all 216 boarders in one sitting, which connects through a series of study and gathering tiers to the lounge, student kitchen and music rooms. The incorporated staff facilities enable greater privacy for the staff and their families but nevertheless allow for supervision and excellent pastoral care.

Situated on a very steep escarpment, the design steps down the site using the terraced level changes to create privacy, security, and delineation of spaces without the use of fences and barriers. This defines space, but also helps reduce the building scale as it steps down the hillside weaving around the existing trees.

Project Facts


Dharug Country, Normanhurst, NSW


Loreto Normanhurst


Architecture, Interior Design