Registered Architect 7684 (NSW)
B Arch, University of Newcastle
B Sc (Arch), University of Newcastle

Lee Collard

Studio Lead

Buildings should support and enhance the public realm, and the people who use them.

As a Studio Lead, Lee brings Lee brings over 25 years’ experience as an architect, working on complex urban sites at varying scales from multi-residential and adaptive re-use projects to commercial and mixed-use precincts for public and private sector clients.  

With a passion for urban design and public architecture, Lee is committed to crafting buildings and environments that support and engage people and the public domain in a meaningful way. His unique skillset combines master planning, architecture and yield analysis, bridging the divide between visioning and fine grain design.  

Several of Lee’s projects have been recognised by industry bodies including the Australian Institute of Architects, Property Council of Australia, and the Sustainable Building Awards. He worked with NSW Land and Housing Corporation to improve the master plan and vision for over 3,000 new dwellings in Western Sydney.