New Studio Directors at AJC

AJC Architects appoints Kelly Green and John Gunnell as Studio Directors.

AJC Architects has appointed Kelly Green and John Gunnell as Studio Directors in the Sydney studio. Their roles play a crucial part in shaping the future trajectory of AJC, guaranteeing the sustained delivery of outstanding service to our clients and fostering excellence in projects across Australia.

Kelly Green (pictured left), who joined AJC as a Studio Lead in 2022, brings over 20 years’ experience from the UK and Australia. Over 17 years in London Kelly led progressive placemaking, cultural, university, and social housing projects. Working with major social housing providers such as Notting Hill Genesis, Clarion, and Peabody, she managed projects from design and capacity studies to project delivery.

Since joining AJC, Kelly has been instrumental in leading and winning design competitions and delivering multiple projects including masterplans and individual buildings across AJC’s multi-residential and cultural domains.

“I’m thrilled with this appointment. Kelly has developed excellent relationships with clients and project partners, built a great team and transformed her domain at AJC through her design intelligence and pragmatic consensus-driven approach to achieving project objectives.” said, Brian Mariotti, AJC Director.

John Gunnell (pictured right) brings a wealth of local and international experience across various sectors, including residential, commercial, public/education, and specialty sports and leisure design. He has led and delivered award-winning projects include Milson Island Indoor Stadium, Abbotsleigh Multipurpose Hall and Sports Field, and the John Phillips Library and Kingswood Campus in Western Sydney.

Currently involved in the master planning, design, and construction of multiple commercial, multi-residential, and community facilities for a new town centre near the Aerotropolis in Western Sydney, John is responsible for the seamless delivery of these projects. He works closely with the client and consultant team to achieve net-zero outcomes as we approach 2030.

“A Renaissance architect, who understands the entire design and delivery process, and has been the hand behind some of AJC‘s most successful projects. The reliance on John’s deep and, intimate knowledge of how buildings go together and how this informs the whole design process has been a backbone of the quality of AJC.” said Michael Heenan, AJC Director, CEO